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It’s time for you your family and your friends and pets to become the stars of your art. Instead of featuring other people in the art you hang from your walls why not feature you and yours.

Bimbo has always been interested and promoted art for many years because of our interest in promoting artists we have developed a whole new concept for promoting art and artists.

Currently there are heaps of different applications that can be used to stylize photos, but the problem is to use the apps well you need to have some artistic talent and lots of practice.

We at Bimbo have sourced the best applications and have sourced the best local artists who specialize in the different applications. There are lots of different applications but we think we have found the best of them. To get the best out of your families photos click here www.wohitsme.com.au

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Bimbo’s Winter Art Special

Bimbo has recently discovered a talented Adelaide Artist, Peta- Ann Jain. She is an artist with depth and diversity of creative talents. The spark of creativity finds its expression through her different styles of paintings. A vibrancy of colours, movement of life and harmony of geometric patterns are vividly echoed in her beautiful pieces.

Into The Light

$3,900 – $3,500

Adelaide Local Artist perfect Gift

762mm x 1016mm

This stunning mixed media piece is perfect for a living room space, hallway or even in a bedroom. Peta-Ann created this piece using acrylic and other mediums with antique textiles to celebrate movement of colour and design with unique originality. This piece captures the light of its surroundings and glistens in the sunlight. A beautiful and feminine piece, a beautiful gift for that special woman in your life.



$3,500 – $3,200

Epiphany Adelaide Mixed Media Artwork

609.6mm x 914.4mm 

Epiphany is a rich and exotic blend of antique textiles from around the world that are combined with beautiful movements the decorated figures. The female forms capture an essence of infinity and limitless, expressing a timeless beauty that transcends age.


$2,500 – $2,200

Carnival Mixed media artwork adelaide

457.2mm x 609.6mm

The perfect piece for a home office or living space, Carnival is a mixture of rich colors and textiles from all over the world.Peta- Ann collected these exquisite textiles from the Silk Road during her travels in India and China.

Two Sisters

$880 -$850 

Mixed Media Artwork on Himalayan Canvas

457.2mm x 330.2mm 

Two Sisters is a smaller framed piece on Himalayan parchment. It expresses the utmost sophistication, an exquisite piece for an office space, bathroom or study.

Peta-Ann’s artwork is widely appreciated due to its adaptability to suit different interiors, creating a beautiful space. These pieces make a beautiful gift for mothers, daughters, sisters or even that special woman in your life. Or, why not spoil yourself by purchasing a stunning piece for your home office or workplace. Adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space.

If you are interested in purchasing and want to see the piece in person give our team at Bimbo a call to make an appointment on 8223 4481.

Amazing Gifts from Bimbo by Adelaide and Australian Artists

Have You Bought A Great Gift From Bimbo?
We love hearing people tell us their stories about Bimbo and want to hear more stories about Chris, Carol or the good old days. Throughout its 35-year history, Bimbo has sold some really amazing pieces of artwork designed and constructed by local South Australian and Australian artists.
Peter Day

Peter Day sent us in this awesome photo of a wire sculpture he bought from Bimbo in the late 80’s. He saw this piece when he was walking home one night from the Ex and decided he just had to have it. It now sits proudly in the entrance to his home and is one of the first things people see when they walk in. This wire artist had work featured in Bimbo throughout the 80’s but we can’t remember his name. If you have any idea, seriously, drop us a line.

Wire head sculpture bimbo online

Peter Day purchased this wire head sculpture from Bimbo in the late 80’s.

Tony Kellie

Tony Kellie bought this original wooden stool by local Adelaide artist Robin Turner. Robin created amazing sculptures

from recycled native timbers. This one of a kind piece has become even better with age and is still one of Tony’s favourite purchases from Bimbo today. With the passing of Robin Turner a few years ago these pieces are now a tribute to an amazing Adelaide artist, who will be sorely missed by the art community and his fans.


Robin Turner Wooden Stool Bimbo Online.

One of Tony Kellie’s favourite gifts is a wooden stool by Adelaide artist Robin Turner.

New Artists

In keeping with tradition, Bimbo still stocks works by a range of amazingly talented Adelaide and Australian artists. New to the store, this stunning mixed media piece, by a local Adelaide Artist, is constructed from exquisite antique textiles. With a rich backstory, this piece is compiled of stunning textiles that the artist collected from the Silk Road during her travels in India and China.

Mixed Media Artwork Bimbo Online

New mixed media piece by a local Adelaide artist has a rich history.

Have you bought an amazing gift from Bimbo in this past? Truly, there have been some great gifts go out the door and we and we would love to hear about your memories. Drop us a line via our email address.


Your Favourite Gift From Bimbo

Last Friday Tony Kellie was sitting with a group of mates at the Exeter Hotel in Rundle Street East, surprise, surprise they were discussing old times. One of the things that came up was the changing face of Rundle Street. It was noted that the two main-stayers were our host The Exeter and Bimbo Gift Shop down the street. Bimbo started life as East End Imports 35 years ago about the same time the Ex was transformed into The “cool” pub.

In the group was Peter Day, Tony Kellie, Simon Hackett and various others who are all long-term Exeter and Bimbo Customers.

Peter Day

Pete started with a great story, about how he had bought a bloody big wooden Balinese statue (of a Duck), with a revolving head that stood close to a metre tall! He bought it to get back into the good books with his then wife who subsequently split and took the duck.

Simon Hackett

Simon Hackett’s favourite gift is a red kids chair in the shape of a hand which he gave to his granddaughter, who loves to sit in it and now her Dad, (his Son-In-Law) has now taken to repose in, all 6ft 3 inches of him.

Red Hand Chair From Bimbo Online Best Gift

Simon Hackett loves this red hand chair he bought from Bimbo many years ago.

Bimbo’s Owner Carol

On the way home the guys walked past Bimbo and dropped in to say G’day to CB alias Carol Bayer the proprietor and asked her what were some of her all-time favourite gifts. She said immediately said the artist -wire working welder who did some great stuff his sculptural wire stool which Cb still uses behind the counter to this day is featured below . CB couldn’t remember the wire artists name does anybody out there?

One of a kind hand crafted wooden and wire chair from Bimbo, Rundle Street.

Carol loves this stunning chair crafted by a local Adelaide artist.

We love hearing people tell us their stories about Bimbo and want to hear more stories about Chris, Carol or the good old days. It would be really cool if you folks send in some photos of your favorite gifts, or related photos, including ‘partying’.

Truly, there have been some great gifts go out the door and we and we would love to hear about your memories. Drop us a line with a photo on our Facebook!

The best gift I ever bought from Bimbo

Introducing A New Gift Idea Exclusive To Bimbo – Portraits Online

How about a personalized portrait? EXCLUSIVE to Bimbo we will arrange for an Australian artist to create a portrait of friend, lover, mum, dad even your pet. With just a photo our artists will create a portrait you will love.

But HURRY – these are hand created – get in now.

To pick a style that suits the recipient visit www.portraitpaintersonline.com.au

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