51 Best Drinking Games Set


51 of the most popular drinking games in the one set !

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51 of the best Drinking Games  ….

Four Kings, Up the River, Schwartz Figliano, Boat Races, Poo-Bum-Dickie, Fuzzy Duck.

For many people, this may just sound like a silly line of gobbledegook and made-up phrases; however, to an elite number of us, it’s the recipe for a winner of a Friday night.

These, along with 45 other world famous drinking games, have been masterfully compressed into one epic box.  Included is a rule booklet (because there are always arguments over what the Jack does in Four Kings) …. 108 “Never Ever…” statements ….108 WTF questions…. a pack of cards… game chips.. ping pong balls and two dice.

Armed with this box of tricks, you’re all set to make your next pre-drinks legend….


  • Make your pre-drinks officially awesome
  • Crack open a drink, gather your mates and play away
  • Included are games you already love and games you’re bound to love
  • Includes 51 drinking games with rules included
  • Contains various props needed for game play

Great game to keep at home for big nights in !

190(L) x 80(W) x 190(H) mm

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