Luke Parsons

‘Egg Potʼ in white raku
Medium (15cms) $42
Large (25cm) $84

“For me, the journey to earning the title ‘bonsai potter’ has been very much a part of my love for bonsai. I have been both growing bonsai and making bonsai pots for around twenty years. I feel that the bonsai that I grow have greatly informed the designs for my bonsai pottery. Without a pot, a bonsai is just a tree, and without a tree, a pot is well, just a pot. The two combine of course to make a wonderful thing called bonsai. Often, the pots that I make have been custom made to suit a particular tree. I believe it is my understanding of both bonsai and of pottery, that enables me to make bonsai pots that are at once unique, and eminently suitable for bonsai. It is certainly a fantastic feeling to plant a bonsai into one of my hand-built bonsai pots. I invite you to enjoy the same experience.”

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