Kate Lewis

Art of the Flying

The Art of Flying is my project to celebrate the human form. I love the way the body can express so much through movement and create beautiful shapes. With a focus on anatomy I hope to capture the limits of human performance and beyond in my figurative artwork.

I was inspired by circus performers, particularly aerialists, since I started learning aerial silks. My goal is to show the strength and beauty of these amazing humans who defy gravity. Since then I have been exploring different movement forms and how I can portray them in my artwork. Artistic nudes also feature heavily in my work, as I think there is nothing more stunning than the unadorned human form.

To read the stories behind each piece and the process used to create them visit my blog at www.the-art-of-flying.com/blog

Inverse Nude

This was the first piece that I created using masking fluid and watercolour paints. I wanted to keep the figure simple so that the riot of colour in the background could really shine. You can read more about this artwork in the blog post that I wrote about the artistic process behind it.

Poised Dancer

This piece was created using watercolour and masking fluid on watercolour paper. Using the masking fluid allowed me to use a loose style of application for the watercolour paint whilst keeping some structure to the composition. The proud stance of this dancer in all of her nude glory is what inspired me to create this piece.

Yogi Twist

This nude yoga painting was created using watercolour paint and masking fluid on a watercolour canvas. Her face is partially obscured from the composition so that the focal point is on her elbow pushing against her opposite knee to create the twist. A loose application of watercolour was used to create a sense of energy and movement in the piece.

Stretching Nude

I love the feeling of stretching out, especially with my arms above my head first thing in the morning. That is the feeling that I aimed to capture with this nude painting. This piece was created using watercolour and masking fluid on watercolour paper.

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