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Compulsive Desirables

Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her – Bimbo has been in operation for over 35 years and our tastes in gifts have changed continuously, but one thing has never changed, we always try to bring to you, our loyal customers a sense of fun. If you are a first time customer and looking for a gift that’s different, a gift that someone cares for, come on! Drop in on-line, we are open 24 hours and 7 days a week. Add this page to your Bookmarks to keep in touch with new products coming soon. Hard to buy a gift for? We have something for everyone!

Thanks for visiting Bimbo Online feel free to have a look around, if you would like to catch up please send an email. If you click on my speech bubble you will see all the exciting new art treatment’s we are offering.

Hope you have fun!

Carol (CB)

Boho Fringe Cushion LIVING This gorgeous Fringe Boho Cusion adds a bohemian feel to any home! (45cm x 45cm). The beautiful white fabric compensates any colour scheme, or if you’re after a brighter addition to your home, we have cushions to suit any style!

Novelty Gift Store NOVELTY This category pretty much sums up a 1960’s way of describing Bimbo? Fun, kooky, weird, lovin’ and that still doesn’t sum it up!

Check out our signs and postersStag PRINTS Fabulous 3D collage prints and some great local artists.This gorgeous Spring Bloom Print adds colour and creativity to any home! The 3D effect adds uniqueness and individuality, you wont be able to take your eyes off of it!


Thanks Tony & Carol. Appreciate you helping me out across the ditch here in NZ.

Looking forward to getting the clock and recommending your business.

Quality, Environment, Customer Service, Lovely People

Tony loves all things quirky and was able to describe in detail the various items in the shop. Loved the George Jensen ring he was wearing too. Love you guys – bought a gorgeous wood watch and little side table for my lounge stunning!! Will be back very soon.

Shopping In Adelaide

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The much loved gift shop with a difference– Bimbo!

Now all the quirky collectables everyone has enjoyed at our Adelaide Store are available to you right here online! Check out our amazing gift shop ideas. Most of our range is EXCLUSIVE to BIMBO, so if you want father’s day gift ideas, mother’s day gift ideas, a wedding gift, anniversary gifts, gift ideas for men or (you guys) gifts for her, your special choice will be very special and unique. BIG SECRET – we won’t tell anyone that the special present (presents?) are just for little old YOU. You might have to look around to find the gift you want because our range of stock is very hard to categorize! We try hard but a lot of it is ever changing and we receive new stock virtually every day.

Gifts for Husband, Wife, Mum, Dad, Lover, Christmas Wedding, Birthday

BIMBO has Mothers Gifts, Father’s Gifts, Girlfriend’s Gifts, Boyfriend’s Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Shower Party Gifts, Christmas Presents, presents for toddlers,all unique, cute, funny and unusual gifts.

NEW Unique Portraits for You By Aussie Artists

Want to buy a fun gift, something unique, something special for Someone Special (even a pet) – Visit: Traditional portraits, pop art portraits, pencil and charcoal portraits, out there portraits. Choose a style to suit your or your friend.

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